The goal of this project is to analyze, through abstract or creative means, the place and role of different characters in the two texts Oranges are Not the Only Fruit and The Angel of History.

Delving into a formal, theoretical analysis of these characters felt like a disservice to the texts, which both grapple with the unspeakable and the unknowable in queer experience. My critical project instead is exploring the characters, relationships, and themes of each story organically, with an emphasis on the feelings conveyed by the text.

The similarity in themes between these two stories makes them ideal for comparison. Though I don’t directly speak to the similarities and differences of the stories, my hope is that the two parallel Twine projects I have created are able to naturally emphasize the ways the religious motifs and themes of love, loss, and family overlap and speak to one another between the two novels. Using an abstract storytelling format and dividing characters into rough categories for comparison, I am able to revisit the texts and gain new insights about the familial structures of the story as well as the spiritual and emotional landscape contained within.